Buy a custom painted toy box as a present for any child of any age.

Custom painted toy box

Why not give someone a unique hand painted toy or storage box as a gift?

We offer a small wooden pine box that can be painted to any design you wish. Measuring 40 x 30 x 24cm this hinged box makes an ideal toy box for children or a storage box for the grown up kids!

Tell us what you want painted and we will do our best to bring to life your vision. For example how about an underwater or outer space scene; animals or flowers or perhaps faries or monsters? As shown in the picture, the box can be further personalised by adding a name to the lid.

Cost is £50 per box, with the completed box to be collected (sorry no postal option is available due to its bulky nature). If you live within 5 miles of Woking, hand delivery is available for an additional £2.50. Payment can be via Google checkout or PayPal

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